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Wine Tasting Party Games

Ideas Wine Tasting Party We've got some fabulous game ideas for your wine tasting party. Discover great wines in the best way possible, have a wine tasting party with fun activities your guests will never forget.

Wine Tasting Games

Wine and Murder Mystery Theme

Winery Murder Mystery Party Kit

Yes, fine wines and solving a murder mystery could be done in the same evening ... and why not! Our friend Chief Inspector Jack Pachuta has created a fun murder mystery that's a popular choice at wine tasting parties. He says it's his top 2 seller of all time. Click on the image to visit his site and see more about how you can host a wine tasting murder mystery evening.

Visit our mystery games page at Themed Party Ideas for more ideas to incorporate, like for example, a mystery dinner menu.

Wine Party By Region

Discovering wines by region is a great wine tasting theme. What do the wines from the same region have in common? How do they differ?

Understanding the characteristics of a region (and whether you like the wine or not) is certainly helpful when purchasing wine you may have never tried before.

And, if you have enough friends who are willing, you could have a monthly wine tasting party by region hosted each month by a different friend. Try wines from Sonoma, California one month and wines from Burgundy, France the next time

. Want a clever way to display the wines for your party? Lay out oversized craft paper or butcher paper onto a table. Place the bottles on the paper and write the name of the wine, region, and any other details given on the label. Place pens by each bottle. Guests can write comments about each wine right on the butcher paper. It's really fun to see what everyone else wrote about the wine.

If you want to make your wine tasting educational, as you draw the map, write something about the wine's region ... or simply write the description from the bottle on the map by each bottle.

Which is the $25 Dollar Bottle?

I once went to a wine tasting party where all of the wines featured were $10 or under, except for one $25 dollar bottle. None of the guests were told ahead of time how much to wines cost; they were told they'd be evaluating which was their favorite.

The guests enjoyed all the wines and were told at the end of the evening that one bottle cost $25 while all the others were $10 or less. We all had to guess which bottle was the $25 bottle.

It was a fun wine tasting game. To make is a real challenge, try wines from the same region, of wines from the same types of grapes. Sticking with wines that have similarities will educate tasters on the characteristics that transcend price.

Progressive Wine Tasting Party

In my neighborhood the homes are close together. This has benefits and drawbacks, but progressive parties are a definite plus! Each host can prepare an appetizer and pair it with wine from different regions. To make your wine tasting special, add a few decorative touches that relate to the wine region or country you're representing.

Twist on Wine Tasting: Champagne Tasting

I love champagne, but since it's considered a special occasion beverage, I don't drink it very often. For a twist on a wine tasting party, why not have a tasting party to determine the best champagne?

For this party, try all the sparkling treats: compare champagne, which officially only comes only from its namesake, the northeastern region of France, to other Sparkling beverages: Procesco (Italian Sparkling Wine) and Sparkling Wine from California.

This can be a fun girls-night-in party. Champagne is a wonderful companion to fruit, chocolate and various deserts, so be sure to include these in this bubbling party!

Wines from Spain

My friend, Maggie, loves Spain and goes every chance she gets. She always has great ideas for a wine tasting party. This time, she asked each guest to bring a bottle of red Spanish wine.

All of the bottles were placed in brown paper bags with sheets of paper next to them. Guests signed their names on these sheets of paper to designate their favorite wine.

At the end of the evening, the guest who provided the wine that garnered the most signatures won a memento Maggie had brought back from her most recent trip to Spain.

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