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Unique Easter Gifts

Unique Easter Gifts was shared by Christalean of San Antonio, TX, USA.

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Here are unique Easter gifts for your basket. You could pick anything of this list to put in the basket. That way it's something nice to give and it's useful.

  1. flashlights
  2. yo-yos
  3. seed packets
  4. kids friendly restaurant gift certificates
  5. gel pens
  6. construction paper
  7. glitter
  8. birdfeeder kits ($3 each at local farm supply store); I am including a bird sticker book to go with the birdfeeder kit.
  9. Dover thrift books - all kinds, from stickers/coloring books to children's literature, each only $1
  10. plastic beaded jewelry
  11. nail polish
  12. homemade trail mix
  13. frisbees
  14. peat pots with seeds
  15. card decks
  16. stickers (I've printed some from the internet)
  17. mini photo albums
  18. pocket calendars
  19. change purse
  20. fancy-edged scissors
  21. sunglasses
  22. book of magic tricks
  23. plastic dinos
  24. travel games
  25. temporary tatoos
  26. sidewalk chalk
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We only include a piece or two of candy, maybe a small bag of Easter MandM's, but do include healthy snacks, like granola, nuts, sunflower seeds, etc.

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