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Tea Party Table Setting

Tea Party Table Setting The tea party table setting has changed drastically over the years. It used to be thought poor manners to have anything on the table, other than fine china, tea napkins and small adornments.

Why? Because everything was served to the guests by a maid or butler. Now, how realistic is that for most of us?!

Today, the fashion of hosting a tea party is the opposite. It is about bringing everything that is creative and pretty to the table. Literally!

The table is set with the tea party food, flowers, place cards may be used, linens, the finest china and silver is still ideal (but it doesn't have to match!)

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When it comes to the English tea party, appearance is Queen. The tea party table setting should be set as pretty as you can make it with real china, fabric tea napkins if you have them, salad sized plates for each guest, a knife for spreading butter, a spoon for tea, a cup and saucer, and a water glass. A white tablecloth is traditional, but you can veer from that if you wish.

If you're guests serve their own tea then fill two or three tea servers with steaming hot water so that guests don't have to reach too far for hot water.

A selection of tea bags may be placed on a platter. Label each type of tea. Some guests may enjoy trying different varieties of tea such as Indian Chia, or Mango Infused tea, etc. A well thought out tea table includes: cream, slices of lemon, mint leaves, and sugar so that guests can create their favorite cup of tea.

A variety of tea sandwiches may be placed on platters and arranged on the table. Put sweets on a separate tea table or buffet table and replace the tea sandwich platters with the sweet platters once the sandwiches have been taken. This keeps the table from excess clutter.

Flowers are a very nice touch. If it's a small table one arrangement in the center will do. If it's a large table try placing two arrangements on the table, one the right side and one on the left. The flowers should be low enough for guests to easily see over them.

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