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Themed Party Ideas

Romantic Picnic Food Ideas

Romantic Picnic Food Ideas

Picnic for two? Romantic Picnic Food Ideas are what you need.

But don't stop there, you'll want to visit our romantic picnic ideas for fun and flirty ways to spend you day including romantic games and romantic touches to make your date feel special!

For romantic picnic food, we like finger foods, food on skewers and food that can be easily fed to your sweetheart. Get creative, try the tomato cucumber salad on a skewer instead of in a bowl.

Romantic Picnic Food and Romantic Ideas

Need even more romance? Plan an entire day of fun. Start easy with a picnic that's casual, then progress to a romantic dinner. See our romantic dinner ideas page for more information

If you both enjoy the kitchen, visit Italy without leaving home with a pasta party for two. Make homemade pasta is a sensual dining experience.

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