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Themed Party Ideas

Having a Progressive Dinner Party

Kelly of Seminole, FL shares her ideas on how to have a progressive dinner party. Her neighbors call their party, the "First Saturdays Gourmet House Hop". What will yours be named?

Progressive Dinner PartyEver had a night of bar hopping or art crawling with friends? This party idea is similar, but instead of going "out on the town" it's held at people's homes! It's called a progressive dinner party, because your progress from one house to another.

I recently heard about this dinner party theme and just had to put it into action, and it was even better than I imagined.

What we did was gather up a group of friends and set up a schedule for house hopping. Each house offered a portion of a gourmet meal and a sampling of wines.

This let a bunch of us play "host" and "hostess" without the pressure of planning a whole night of entertainment and food preparation.

We didn't go to everyone's house. Instead we planned a "three house hop" that were all within close distance to each other. It was such a success everyone wants to start doing it every month.

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We're going to alternate whose houses are in the house hop each month!

We're doing it the first Saturday of every month, so we're calling it our 1st Saturdays Gourmet House Hop!

What We Did for Our Progressive Dinner Party:

At the first house everyone had a spring mix salad with basil and chevre cheese crumbles and a variety of appetizers. The appetizers included basil pesto squares, a veggie platter and mixed cheeses, along with a sampling of different wines.

We had designated drivers, so after the first house we headed over to the next stop for the main course of the meal. Our friends Kristen and Matt put together an asparagus pasta salad with a rosemary vinaigrette and a main course of Salmon en Croute drizzled with a Tarragon and Thyme Cream Sauce. (I'm a vegetarian, so I skipped the salmon, but everyone else loved it!)

The last stop was dessert! There was a Raspberry Mango Creme Brulee and a sampler of chocolate dipped raspberries. Yum.

All in all everyone spent an hour at the first two houses and then a couple of hours at the third house. It was a really fun party idea, that's going to turn into a classic with all of our friends.

A house hopping party doesn't have to be gourmet food, it could have any theme you want. A wine tasting party all on its own could be a lot of fun too!

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