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Pineapple Centerpiece

This easy pineapple centerpiece tutorial will make you look like a pro at hosting parties and putting together a fantastic buffet table.

How to Create a Centerpiece from a Pineapple

Pineapple Themed Party Centerpiece

Pineapples are a wonderful way to add a touch of exotic elegance to your party. Not only are they the American symbol of hospitality, but many party themes ideas can be created from the pineapple.

Wow your guests with an exotic, yet easy, exotic centerpiece that only takes a few minutes to create.

First, select an attractive pineapple with leaves that are firm and with few blemishes. Cut any brown edges off the leaves.

Slice three tangerines or any small citrus fruit into half moons, 1/4 inch thicknesses.

Money-Minded Tip

Money Minded TipSave the extra pieces of Tangerine cut from the ends and place in your garbage disposal. Running the citrus through the disposal will give your kitchen a burst of freshness!
Tuck the fruit between the leaves as shown; there's no need to secure the tangerines with toothpick. The pineapple leaves will be sufficient.

Next, push a wooden barbeque skewer into the top of the pineapple with the pointed part of the skewer facing upward. Adorn the skewer with pieces of fruit such as kiwi and tangerine wedges as well as maraschino cherries.

Finish by tucking a few maraschino cherries between the leaves of the pineapple. Brightly colored cranberries can be substituted for the cherries if you prefer a holiday feel.

Place the pineapple in the center of a fruit platter and use as a pineapple centerpiece for your buffet table, or place evergreen leaves around the base of the pineapple and place on a dining table instead of a floral arrangement.

Pineapple centerpieces are a great party food for a Hawaiian luau, Christmas, or Mexican fiesta theme party.

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