Themed Party Ideas
Themed Party Ideas

Perfect Picnic Menu

Perfect Picnic Menu

The perfect picnic menu recipes are here! You'll also find all sorts of picnic games, spring picnic ideas to make your picnic a summertime favorite!

The chicken salad recipe on this page is quite a treat. We hope you'll try it.

The homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe is truly the best. The cookies you see on the website were made, photographed, and all 2 dozen of them eaten within an hour (and there were only two of us here that day)!

If you don't see the picnic item you need, visit our simple picnic recipes page where you'll find more picnic recipes to create the menu that's just right for you.

The Menu for a Perfect Picnic

Other Great Picnic Recipes and Spring Picnic Ideas:

Enjoy these fantastic party food ideas at your next summer picnic or neighborhood party!

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