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Party Food Planning, Ahh Easy!

Party Food Planning

Party Food Planning dilemmas solved! How much wine do you need? How many hors d'oeuvres? These questions can drive a host crazy!

Here you'll find all you need to know to ensure that your party food planning is taken care of.

How many mixed drinks, glasses of wine, or beverages per guest are needed?

  • For a 4 hour party, plan 4 to 6 drinks per guest
  • A quart of liquor makes 20 drinks (providing 1 1/2 ounce of liquor per drink)
  • A 750 ml bottle of wine serves 5 drinks that are 5 ounces each
  • Plan for at least 4 napkins per guest to be placed at the bar
  • Plan one professional bartender for every 40 to 50 guests

How much food per person is needed for the party?

  • 8 to 10 hors d'oeuvres per guest are needed for a 1 hour reception
  • For a reception before dinner, plan 5 to 7 hors d'oeuvres
  • For a party lasting more than 2 hours, plan 12 to 18 hors d'oeuvres per guest
  • The size of the hors d'oeuvres does make a difference, so take this into consideration. Serve food that easy to eat and that allows you to look good while eating it!
  • Request that guests RSVP. Having an accurate head count allows for the best party food planning. Not everyone you invite will be able to attend, so keep this in mind while planning a party menu.

Which party recipes should I serve?

For a list of hundreds of recipes visit our Party Food Page. For menu suggestions the dinner party ideas page is a great place to start.

Do I need dinner party ideas or buffet food ideas?

Both are equally wonderful parties. The style of the party will influence the type of food served.

Holding a glass of wine while eating a steak dinner takes a pretty talented guest! Food on skewers and easy to eat finger food is great for a party with a lot of standing.

Quick Tip: serve hors d'oeuvres complement each other, cheese wiz crackers and Croque Monsieur with Caviar...probably not a good marriage!

Is your party space a large loft or a small living room? Space planning is an important party of your party food planning.

More room is needed for a sit down dinner. Tables should be spaced so that guests and servers can move around comfortably. For a buffet, consider the flow of the room. Set the plates and utensils at an easy access point. If possible, the buffet should be accessed from both sides of the table.

Don't be afraid to move the furniture or even to set up alternative or rented furniture for your special party. There's an entire party planning industry developed around party space planning!

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