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Themed Party Ideas

Party Favor Ideas For a Wine Tasting Parties

Perfect Party Favor Ideas for a Wine Tasting Party! Need to find the perfect party favor ideas for your wine enthusiast friends? These clever favors are among the most useful and fun of all wine related gifts. Enjoy!

Personalized Wine Bottle Stopper

Cherry Wood Personalized Wine Gift Box

Personalized Wine Accessory Gift Set

Engraved Connoisseur White Wine Glass

Engraved Connoisseur Red Wine Glass

Personalized Wine Coaster Set

Personalized Silver Plated Wine Bottle Stopper/Pourer

Personalized Bota Wine Bag

Personalized Red Wine Quartet

Personalized White Wine Quartet

Good Wishes Glass Photo Coasters

It's a Shoe Thing" Shoe Bottle Opener

Fall Leaf Wine Bottle Stoppers

Vineyard Grapes Wine Stopper Favor

Stainless Steel Spreader with Wine Cork Handle

Vacuum pump wine preserver.

Wine is a terrible thing to waste.

With this wonderful invention, you don't have to throw out that unused portion! A Vacuum Wine Saver with Rubber Stopper is extremely affordable. They pay for themselves in the first use. When I've given these to friends they just love them and your friends will too.

To use them, you simply place the handy cork provided with the vacuum into the bottle and pump out the excess air, saving the rest of the wine for another day. This practical party favor is one your guests will definitely use again and again.

Cork Trivet Kit.

This is a great party favor or gift idea, especially for a party that everyone wants to remember such as a milestone birthday or a engagement party.

This inexpensive cork trivet kit comes with everything you need to create a custom cork trivet, you just supply the corks.

In my kitchen, the cork trivit consists of corks from my wedding. I leave it displayed with a decanter on it.

Everyone who sees it comments on how interesting it is and when they hear that the corks have a special meaning, they wonder where they can get one!

Wine from your private vineyard ...

What? You don't have a private vineyard?

No problem, make personalized wine bottles with labels you attach to your favorite bottle of wine.

For a professional look, create your own wine bottle labels self adhesive wine labels. You can choose from hundreds of options to make your labels perfect for the occasion.

Rapid Ice wine cooler.

This handy and inexpensive device stays in your freezer until ready to use. It's like a cosy for a wine bottle, chilling your wine in just 5 minutes and keeping it cool for hours.

It's perfect for a tail gate party, picnics and outdoor activities. What's best is that can be used again and again!

Red wine bottle collar.

This is actually a very practical gift for anyone who has ever had a tablecloth ruined by red wine running down the side of the bottle. The collar snuggly fits over the neck of the wine bottle and its fabric interior catches any potential drips before they make their way down the bottle.

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