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Oreo Cookie Recipe Bon Bons

Oreo Cookie Recipe Bon Bons was submitted by Stefani of Glendale, CO, USA.

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Oreo Cookie Recipe: Bon Bons!


  • 1 pkg Oreo cookies (mint is good, but don't do double stuff!)
  • 1 (8 oz.) cream cheese
  • 1 large pkg of chocolate chips or melting chocolate (any kind you like. I like to use several different kind for variety)
  • fun stuff (sprinkles, nuts, etc.)

Put the Oreo cookies in a zip-lock bag and close tightly. take all pent up anger you have and use it to pulverize the cookies into a fine powder.

If your anger is only enough to crumble the cookies, that's ok! That just means you need to use a blender or electric beater to finish it off.

Next, put your powder in a bowl with the cream cheese. you can mix them by hand, but I find an electric beater is a lot faster. Once you have a thick and consistent batter, grab a cookie tray with wax paper and begin molding the dough into bite-sized balls to place on said tray. Once that's done, put the tray in the fridge overnight or in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Once the balls are hard, melt your chocolate and begin dipping. at this point you can then leave them the way they are or dip them in sprinkles or nuts. You then want to put them back on the tray and back into the fridge until chocolate is hard. These are like mini cakes you can eat with your hands and make a great finish to a picnic!

Comments on Oreo Cookie Recipe Bon Bons

I had these at a party recently. I couldn't believe how delicious they are...and easy to make! The girl would brought these dipped hers in white chocolate. They were so pretty that I thought she had spent a lot of time on them. But, she said it only took a few minutes. I'm glad to see the recipe on this site because I didn't know exactly how to make them. Thanks! - Kaye

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