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Themed Party Ideas

Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas

Winter or summer, these Mexican fiesta party ideas heat up the party year round! Throw one of the most festive parties on earth, just like the natives!

Fiesta Party Ideas

The bright colors, merry music, and the zesty foods are bring cheer. Olé!

Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas

Fun Things To Do at Your Mexican Fiesta!

No matter where you live, North or South of the border, everyone loves a Mexican style fiesta! You don’t have to be a chef to serve up something everyone likes.

If you want to go for a complex and traditional Mexican dishes like molé, great! But, for a sure fired hit, a taco bar is a bet that pays off every time!

If you prefer to keep the food simple, you can always include easy homemade bean dip, guacamole, and shredded chicken or beef as the starter. You’ll find lots of great taco recipes from fish and chicken to veggie and beef on the tacos recipes page...we even have a taco seasoning mix recipe that’s just like the ones you purchase in stores (but tastier!)

Of course, every great fiesta starts with fun fiesta decorations like chili pepper lights, cafe lights, or paper’ll find lots of Mexican fiesta decorating ideas below.

What most people want to know is "How can I do to make my fiesta unique?" Here are some fun activities and games.

  • Provide mustaches, sombreros, or poncho...or have guests come in costume or festive color.
  • Have a photo booth of sorts, with a "Paste Your Face" into the Mariachis. (see the shop below).
  • Play fiesta style party games, like horse shoes.
  • Have a pinata party (for adults or kids). Simply fill your pinata according to your guests.
  • Play a fun version of pin the tail on the donkey...use a person (or guest of honor) as the donkey. Purchase, or make, donkey tails and place tape (not thumbtacks!) on each tail. Blindfold your guests and have them attempt to pin the tail on the person. This is a really fun game for adults!
  • Give your Mexican Fiesta flair! Start with margaritas and mojitos; for a non-alcoholic drink try our traditional Mexican rice water recipe.

Decorating for a Mexican Fiesta

Your Mexican fiesta party ideas wouldn't be complete without a few brightly colored decorations and fun reminders of exotic Mexico.

  1. Illuminate your party with colored cafe lights on your porch, in your back yard, or even inside! Brightly colored paper lanterns are also always fun at a fiesta.
  2. Create food that does double duty as something beautiful and edible. We show you how to make two terrific centerpieces from fruit that are perfect for the Mexican themed fiesta: the traditional Mexican stuffed pineapple dessert and the exotic towering pineapple centerpiece.
  3. Decorate with Pinatas. Use pinatas as tabletop decoration or string several on a line and hang them as you would paper lanterns.
  4. Accent a table cloth with a poncho draped across it. Place a decorative sombrero on the table as a centerpiece.
  5. Serve food on brightly colored glass platters. A few pieces of confetti glass wear that you may have picked up on a trip to Mexico, along with brightly colored thrift store finds will give your buffet true panache.

Mexican Fiesta Music

Mariachi music is typical for a Mexican fiesta. Whether you go out and hire a mariachi band, or simply add a little recorded mariachi music to your party, it adds to the authenticity!

But you may want to add some other hits that simply sing "fiesta"! Other great Mexican fiesta music includes several songs you may be actually be familar with. Once these songs starts playing your friends will recognize them and a conga line is going to develop!

A party CD is an easy way to get all these songs and many more. Or, you could pick and choose. Some favorites that you’ll recognise are:

  • Mexican Hat Dance
  • La Cucaracha
  • Hasta La Vista Baby
  • Conga
  • Olé!
  • La Bomba
  • Hot Hot Hot

Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas

Mexican fiesta themed games and activities liven the party. The pinata party game is fun for children and adults alike. In Mexico, a pinata is tied to a rope. The rope is thrown over a tree branch. The designated pinata master holds the end of the rope and pulls so that the pinata moves up and down as the guest tries to hit it with a stick. This makes the game a little more challenging and a lot more fun.

Some other fun and unique ideas include making a margarita bar, or having your guests "work" for their drinks by playing the ring toss game. Visit the Cinco de Mayo Parties page for details on how to create these parties and for more Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas.


Everyone loves pinatas! Fill it with treats and it’s an instant party!

More Fiesta Party Ideas

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