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Iron Chef Challenge Themed Party


Iron Chef Challenge Themed Party is a creative themed party idea shared by Megan of Euless, TX in one of our creative party ideas contests.

Last month my friends and I hosted an Iron chef challenge themed party for a wedding shower.

It was an absolute blast and I'm sure this theme could be used for other party events! Everyone got really into it and we all had a great time. The party was coed and we split up into two teams. Each team had to create the ultimate burger (recipe ideas can switch out of course).

Everyone had access to the same ingredients. If you want to make this cooking contest more interesting, you could play a game first to win certain ingredients. For example, you could play for ingredients the "The Price is Right" style. Perhaps at an wedding shower, each team could try and guess the right answer to questions about the bride and groom to be.

A time limit is given and depending on the recipe. The time limit can vary but try and choose a reasonable one. When the time is up all entrees must be plated. Then, they are sent to be tasted and critiqued by the judging committee.

This submission was an entry in our fun monthly contest.

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At the party I helped host, we had the bride and groom to be, judged. But in another situation, you could have everyone nominate judges and then have a drawing ,or it could be the birthday boy/girl, or perhaps an anniversary couple.

After the final decision was made, we gave out prizes to the winning team. Then, we all dug into our creations, and talked about how much fun we just had.

I truly feel this party idea is very versatile and could be used in any party setting, which is great because it was so much fun. I think everyone would enjoy an "iron chef challenge" party theme.

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Great Idea, Can't wait to try it out! - Anonymous.

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