Themed Party Ideas
Themed Party Ideas

Hosting a Tea Party

Hosting a tea party is back in vogue! Ladies from 8 to 80 love this creative party idea.

A tea party is a great excuse to put on your fanciest dress, don you largest brimmed hat, chit chat about happy matters, and eat delicious tea sandwiches and scones. And, of course drink tea. Hosting a Tea Party

Tea parties are very popular for baby showers, bridal showers, and birthdays. But, hosting a tea party isn’t just for special occassions, any Sunday afternoon is a great time to gather with friends.

My neighbor recently invited me to a tea party for her 15 year old step daughter who was visiting from out of town. She thought it would be nice to have a fun activity for the two of them to work on together.

She and her step-daughter started by collecting unique tea cups and saucers throughout the week at antique stores and thrift stores. This frugal and creative idea not only made for terrific eye candy, but for fun conversation.

Several ladies from the neighborhood were invited. In proper tea party custom, we arrived in our pearls, heels, and hats. My neighbor created a stunning tea party table setting that impressed us all but it was her attention to the little details that caught me eye. The little things like place cards, tea tags, and her selection of tea party food, set this party apart..

Since the 1920s tea parties have come and gone in fashion, but there are still a few customs that remain. Tea parties are usually held in the dining room or outdoors at small tables. They’re typically held on Sundays but Saturdays are very desirable days for those who have busy schedules. Tea parties are formal enough ocassions to still require an invitation.

Tea Party Themes

Add a theme to your tea party. It’s easy. Select any theme you like or get creative and develop your own party theme. The key to a great theme is focusing all your decorations, party favors, and food, etc., around the theme.

For example, if you’re hosting a tea party with a garden theme, your party favors could include seed packets, or garden gloves. Your table centerpiece could be a lovely potted plants or any garden themed decor. And, of course, hosting your tea party outside would be a very nice touch!

Tea Party Games for Women

Parties are always more fun with games and activites that create laughter and a fun filled atmosphere. We have lots of printable party games that are perfect for tea parties.

Two of our most popular printable games are listed below. Visit our printable party games site for even more game ideas.

What's in Your Purse Game

What's in Your Purse Game

Suitable for Hen Night, Bachelorette or Bridal Shower

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Hosting a Tea Party: Shop

Make your tea party special. Little extras go a long way. From tea party themed cookie cutters, to tea party favor box, and tea party decorations, it’s all in the tea party shop below!

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