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Homemade Easter Gift Ideas

The best homemade Easter gift ideas come in the form of Easter baskets.

Whether you're making an Easter basket for an adult or a child, there are some things that just make Easter special.

Start with home Easter candies, and be sure to include homemade Easter peeps! They're fun to make and so much more delicious than the store bought variety.

Include Easter treats that will stay fresh for a while such as our easy fudge recipe or easy peanut brittle recipe. You can even make your own chocolate easter eggs by using our chocolate truffle recipe and shaping the truffles into Easter eggs.

Need more homemade Easter gift ideas to balance out the sweet treats? Here are 5 really fun ones:

  1. Not made of money? Print play money from the internet. You can pair it with a deck of playing cards or a toy change purse. And for 50 other great non-candy items to put in your homemade Easter basket visit our unique ideas for Easter baskets page.
  2. Put all the materials to make a kite in the Easter basket: kite string, 2 dowel rods: one 20 inch and one 24 inch, a heavy duty plastic bag or large paper, and tape. For complete instructions visit PBS at
  3. Fill a box with buttons, beads and string with a note saying you'd like to have a necklace making party!
  4. Create a treasure box. It can be created from any wooden or heavy duty paper box such as a cigar box. Decorated the box to resemble a treasure chest. In it, place tiny treasures such as downloadable play money, foreign money you may have gathered on travels, costume jewelry, a magnifying glass, marbles, and most importantly a treasure map for for the Easter egg hunt!
  5. Put together an easter craft kit to make paper bag puppets. Put paper bags, google eyes (purchased at any craft store), fabric puff balls, scissors, craft glue, and pre-cut pieces of colored craft paper. Pre-cut bunny ears, dog ear, tongues, etc. so that the child can easily make the puppets. Include crayons or markers.

Want to make homemade Easter egg dye from things you already have in your kitchen? Visit our easter dye recipe page to learn what foods you have in your kitchen right now that you can use to dye your eggs. Getting the kids involved in dying Easter eggs is an Easter Tradition that many people do the day before Easter. It's fun, and knowing that your homemade easter egg dye is naturally made, makes you feel good children appreciate the beauty of nature.

While you're making wonderful homemade Easter gifts and treats why not make a homemade Easter basket. You can create one out of practically any container. The bottom of a milk jug, an egg carton, a gift bag, a recycled purse: practically anything that can hold eggs if fair game. For five ways to turn recycling material into Easter baskets visit our homemade Easter baskets page.

Enjoy these homemade Easter gift ideas and share them with your love ones!

Visitors Share Their Homemade Easter Gift Ideas for Easter Baskets

Gabrielle of Shasta Lake, California USA writes:

I like to hand crochet a basket, plastic easter egg covers and a bunny. I then make homemade truffles, suckers, bunnies and candy.

I like to buy gummy candies, retro candy on line and regular suckers. I put candy apple bunnies I made in the basket. I also add items based on the child such as wallets, toys based on the sex of the child and put coins in the change purse. I love this holiday and have a great time with it.

I never forget the Peeps. Those are a must too. Have a happy holiday.

Pat of Sologohachia AR shares her homemade Easter basket ideas:

For a really cute Easter basket idea that's terrific for kids try this yarn art project. You'll need:

  1. A ball of yarn (preferably a pastel Easter color)
  2. A balloon (the large round kind)
  3. A bottle of white school glue such as Elmers
Blow up the balloon and tie a knot at the end. Empty the glue into a bowl and wet the yarn in it. Wrap the wet yarn around the balloon covering much of the surface of the balloon.

It's not important to cover the entire balloon, some small holes can show through. Allow the yarn covered balloon to dry. Pop the balloon and cut the hardened shape through the center. The end result should look like a bird nest.

Wet the bottom of the nest and press it against a flat surface so that it can stand on its own.

Fill your nest-style Easter basket with Easter grass and eggs.

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