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Elegant Dinner Party Under the Stars

Elegant Dinner Party Under the Stars

Doesn't an elegant dinner party under the star sound like the perfect way to celebrate a birthday?! Bekah, from Harrisonburg, PA thinks so. She shares all the details below. Also visit our other elegant dinner party themes.

Elegant Dinner Party Under the Stars

Bekah Novitzke, Harrisburg, PA, USA suggests an elegant dinner party idea under the stars for a summer birthday party or special gathering.

The party would start around 7-8 pm, when it gets dark. It would be pretty casual as far as nice-casual dress. The table settings and decorations would be elegant (a lot of which you would already have in your home). I'm talking nice white table clothes, real dishes, crystal glasses, etc. The centerpieces would be floating candles, small vases w/ wild flowers, and hurricane lamps.

The while flowers could be accented with basil (for the greens) to help keep bugs away. Other decor might include a cute outdoor gazebo tent and many white Christmas lights strung up on the trees, bushes, and the tent itself. This party has to be simple, yet glow!

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For the food, a panini bar where guests can make their own sandwiches and then toast them would be nice! Elegant white platters would be set up with meats, cheeses, veggies, and breads.

Small crystal bowls could hold condiments like honey mustard or herbed mayo. I would set up one or two panini presses (depending on how many guests).

Display platters of fruit like grapes, strawberries, and apples for dipping into fruit dip. Then make 2-3 different kinds of fruit dips for our guests. You could do the same thing with veggies.

For drinks, borrow an idea from the Melting Pot and make "strawberry-basil lemonade" and "blackberry-rosemary lemonade." Serve the drinks in clear pitchers on the tables with ice, lemon slices, and the appropriate fresh herb to garnish it.

For the birthday cake, make (or order) a small 4 inch cake and a dozen cupcakes (or more if needed). Place the small cake on a cake stand and place the cupcakes around it.

Flavored cupcakes like lemon or raspberry are perfect for summer parties. White icing, garnished with real flowers (complimenting the ones on the table) would be nice.

For the final touch, make smores. Use a "fire bowl" on the patio with a nice table set up would hold the ingredients for the smores. Serve platters of marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars, and peanut butter (and other yummy things that can go on smores).

Prepare sticks for the guests and everyone can end the night cozy by the fire snacking on smores!

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