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Easter Traditions - Ours and Yours

Easter Traditions

Of all my favorite Easter traditions, my mother's Easter dinner menu rekindles the warmest memories.

It's the traditions that really create fond memories and we'd love to hear what Easter traditions are special to you.

My mother always made a honey baked ham recipe with cloves and pineapple or orange slices.

She dressed my sisters and I in matching Easter dresses that she painstakenly created weeks in advance.

My mother, being very frugal and extremely creative, always made homemade Easter baskets filled with hand created candies and other special treats. She is gifted with being able to create at least a dozen different items from a simple milk container!

The honey baked ham really brings back special memories. The serving of a glazed ham is one of those Easter traditions that many people wonder about.

Why do people eat ham on Easter?

The tradition is steeped in Christianity. Easter signifies the resurrection of Christ and the end of Lent - the period of fasting and prayer.

Dietary laws practiced in the Old Testament are set aside, hence the ham! I can't think of a tastier way to celebrate than with this honey baked ham recipe that features a bourbon glaze!

I've taken my mother's traditions and made them my own by hosting an Easter brunch for my friends and neighbors.

Since some of my friends practice Lent, I've added my own traditions including serving mimosas which is a special treat for those who have given up alcohol for the past 40 days!

Since Easter is a spectacular feast, these mimosas are special. I always use fresh squeezed orange juice with equal parts of the best champagne I can stand to mix with juice!

The following pages are rich with more Easter ideas and traditions that we know you will enjoy and hope you will create for your family and friends.

Visitor's Easter Traditions

Guests often write in their Easter Traditions. Some are recipes, other are Easter Egg Hunt Ideas, and some are even photos.

Rita Aguirre of Austin, Texas writes:

My Easter Tradition: We take a family picture for Easter as we have every year.

Easter Traditions

Kaye of Chicago writes:

Every year we would receive a stuffed toy. I remember receiving a toy lamb that I carried around for ages! Easter was always a big deal in my household.

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