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Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Easter Egg Games Looking for a fun Easter egg scavenger hunt? This Easter egg game makes finding eggs twice as fun!

Start by making a list of clues to help egg hunters find the eggs. For children the clues should be very easy, for teens and adults, make the clues clever and the prizes age appropriate. A scavenger hunt can be played by many people.

A really clever idea is to place a scavenger hunt list in a homemade Easter basket so that the child or adult receiving the basket plays a game to receive his or her treats.

Hide the eggs according to the clues.

Here is a list of clues to get you started. These will work for teens and adults. Keep clues for children easy:

  • "The Key to finding an egg is right in front of you." Hide the egg by the front door.
  • "Eggs stay fresh when they're kept here." Hide the egg in the refrigerator.
  • "Plant an egg and flowers grow." Hide the egg in the flower bed.
  • "A table for two, an egg for you." Hide the egg under the table.
  • "Sit all day and you might lay an egg here." Hide the egg under the sofa.
  • "An egghead would find an egg here." Hide the egg by the computer.
  • "Rain, sleet, or snow, to deliver an egg here's where you go." Hide an egg in the mailbox.

Want more creative Easter basket ideas?

You get the idea! The harder the egg is to find, the better the gift inside!

You can also try just having one clue to start with: leading the finder from egg to egg (plastic eggs that contain clues), where they'll find the next clue. Then you can place a large prize in the final egg.

If you're looking for fun things to place in your plastic eggs, try coins or dollar bills, costume jewelry, homemade candies, certificates for gifts, certificates for services, IOU ("I owe you") cards, and love notes.

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