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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas is an Easter Tradition submitted by Lisa of Middleburg, FL, USA.

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Here are more great Easter egg hunt ideas: every year, my in-laws always have an Easter egg hunt when the entire family comes over. Nieces, nephews, grand kids, uncles, aunts, cousins, children and parents.

All of the adults hide all the eggs first, and then all the kids have at it around the yard, desperately looking to see who can collect the most eggs.

Some of the eggs contain candy, jelly beans, coins, and even dollars. Then, they take all the eggs inside, empty them out, and the kids go out in the back yard and re-hide them all.

Now it's the adults turn! It's so much fun watching all the other adults make mad dashes to get the eggs, and the kids really enjoy it too!

It's the best way to spend our Easter. We all look forward to it every single year, and it never gets "old".

Comments on Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Your Easter egg hunt ideas are funny. I love the idea of kids hiding the eggs; it's a reverse Easter Egg hunt. I can just imagine how much fun they have. I think we will do the Reverse Easter egg hunt this year! - Kaye

More Easter Egg Hunt Ideas From Visitors

The Sparkles in Children's Eyes is an Easter Idea shared by Tricia of Clearwater, FL
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For Easter we make sure our children know the Easter bunny was there. We make little bunny feet print on the floor from the door to their rooms, then the Easter bunny leaves them a little stuffed Easter bunny on their bed for them.

(We just but some baby powder on the feet of a stuffed animal and then stomp the floor.)

Very cute when the kids see that. Then they know that the Easter bunny hides their Easter baskets, so they have to find them. Bunny does this cause they have to earn their candy they get. LOL

We then have egg hunts outside and many other family activities just to be able to enjoy each other for the day.

Comments on Easter Ideas

Easter ideas like these are so sweet! It has the same charm as when children see evidence of Santa's visit for Christmas. - Silvia

Night Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Brandi Laughlin of Ridgeland, MS, USA shares her ideas for Easter egg hunting at night.

For years now, Easter is a family reunion for us. We have started a neat tradition for the kids. Instead of hunting eggs during the day, we do it at night.

We number all the eggs and put candy in them, give all the kids a flashlight, and once it's dark and the eggs are hidden, we turn the kids loose! They absolutely love it.

We give them a little while to collect eggs. Then we gather them all together and call numbers and give out gifts, such as toys, bubbles, and just fun stuff. There is a gift for every egg!

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