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Easter Egg Games

Easter Egg Games

How Many Easter Eggs in the Basket

Remember going to a carnival or costume party when you were a kid and seeing a jar filled to brim with candy corn. With one lucky guess of how many candy corns filled the jar, this windfall of sugar could be yours. Oh, how you hoped you'd be closest to right number and win the jar.

"How many Easter eggs are in the Easter basket?" is the same principle. But just think of what a wonderful and surprising gifts an Easter basket full of egg filled treats could be!

Fill a basket with plastic or paper masche eggs. Of course, each egg should contain treats or small prizes that will have little heart pumping with excitement. Keep track of the exact number of eggs in the basket.

When children arrive at the Easter egg hunt or Easter party, each child guesses the number of eggs in the basket. An adult can write down each child's name along with the number of his or her guess.

At the end of the party, the Easter basket becomes a prize when the child who guessed closest to the correct number of eggs without going over takes the basket.

Egg on a Spoon Relay Race

Now this Easter game will keep a crowd of kids happy! Here's how it's played:

Divide your group into two teams. Create a start line and an obstacle that is about 30 feet away. Each team lines up behind the start line.

Give the first relay race player a spoon and place an egg in the spoon. The egg can be plastic or a hard boiled egg. If you use a plastic egg, fill it with something a little heavy as a light egg is every hard to balance on a spoon.

Players race with the spoon and egg in hand from the start line, around the obstacle and back to the start line where they hand off their spoon and egg to the next player. If the egg is dropped, the player must begin at the start line once again.

The team that finishes first wins the relay race.

Easter Egg Riddles

Easter egg riddles are fun for both kids and adults; just change the message to fit the age of the person receiving the eggs.

When you create an Easter basket, fill the basket with traditional Easter basket items but mix in a few plastic or paper mache Easter eggs with riddles.

The riddles can lead to hidden treasures. For instance, "Find the golden egg under the mailbox." Or, they can be lucky fortunes, "Eat something new, it will be become your favorite food."

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