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Themed Party Ideas

Easter Basket Ideas - 10 Unique Ideas

Easter Basket Ideas are more creative than ever! Here are 10 unique ideas to create a custom Easter Basket that's truly special.

  1. Include gourmet homemade Easter desserts and candies.

    Chocolate truffles can be shaped like Easter Eggs and our easy peanut brittle recipe will stay delicious for a month!

    We even have a recipe for Easter Peeps! Our attractive downloadable recipes can be included in the basket made for someone who enjoys cooking.

  2. Create an Easter Egg Scavenger hunt list and place it in the basket. This can be done for children and adults!

    We show you how and give you ideas for your list!

    If you're planning a different Easter egg hunt game, place an invitation with the game listed on it in the Easter Basket to create excitement for the upcoming hunt!

  3. Coupons for gifts or services are great Easter basket ideas!

    These coupons can include a trip the recipient's favorite restaurant, an offer to do the household chores for a day, a day of fun at the ball field or whatever your special person enjoys.

  4. A small gift: Any small gift that is personal to the recipient is a great choice.

    For a child this may be a stuffed toy. For a teenager a video game or gift certificate to itunes. For an adult a piece of costume jewelry, coffee mug, golf balls and the like are nice small gifts.

  5. Books or magazines are a fantastic addition to you homemade Easter basket. Select books that you know the person will enjoy.

    For those that don't read a great deal of books, magazines are a fun choice.

  6. An Easter card is one of those Easter basket ideas that is often overlooked. A card is a wonderful way to express your affections.

    Whether it's a homemade card, a funny pop-up card or a sincere heartfelt card, don't miss this simple opportunity to convey your sentiment.

  7. Create the basket that will hold the gifts from recycled material that are simply laying around the house!

    We show you how on our Homemade Easter Baskets page.

  8. Put something practical in the basket; an everyday item that gets used often such as lotion, chap-stick, pens and pencils, or a flash light.

  9. Games and activities are fun ways to fill a basket.

    For children, colored side-walk chalk is a fun bet. For adults, playing cards, a book on card games, or a suduko book are fun items.

  10. Fill Easter Eggs with more than just etible treats; love notes, poems, good fortunes, and Bible versus are a way to say, "I love you!"

Visitors Share Their Easter Basket Ideas

Michele of Hot Springs, AR writes:

Fill lots of plastic Easter Eggs with all sorts of fishing supplies....rubber worms, small fishing jigs, sinkers, bobbers, flies, etc.

Put them into a wicker fishing creel instead of an Easter Basket, and watch your favorite fisherman's eyes light up!

Julie of Oakland Park, KS share her ideas:

Here's a unique Easter basket idea:

I usually make gardening Easter baskets where I include flower seeds, a small flower pot, a small Ziploc bag full of soil, some granola bar snacks along with MandM candy.

For fun add gummy worms in a bug jar (from like the dollar store).

It gets kids in the spirit of gardening and they can remember when they put the seeds in the ground and watch them grow over time.

Kaye of Chicago Writes:

I like the garden Easter basket because it's got a real spring theme!

It would be cute to add some fun gardening gloves, a little spade, and maybe some small seedling pots. The gummy worms idea is really perfect!

Alma of Cleveland, OH writes:

What should I put in an Easter basket, you may ask. Here's one great idea: fill about 10 Easter baskets with about 100 plastic eggs. Fill each egg with something such as a treat or small toy and about 20 of them with money.

Pass out the baskets of eggs and have the children guess which color egg has the money in it for the win.

Pam of Hoffman, IL shares her ideas for a Sports Themed Easter Basket:

If it's for boys, I use sports items like soccer ball or basketball and add a water bottle or small whistle.

If it's for girls, I use outdoor items like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, jump rope or small bouncy ball.

Will of Macomb, IL shares his romantic Easter idea:

My girlfriend has loved Easter ever since she was a little kid. We will be dating for a year and half come this Easter, and I want to propose in a way that she will remember all of her life. I already have the ring picked out, and the next time I get paid I will purchase it at my local jewelry store.

The plan is to use Easter eggs containing her favorite candies; twizzlers, reeses, snickers, and milky way to build a trail to a secret spot in my parents' back yard.

Once she follows the trail she will find a pink zebra print Easter basket, her favorite design, with green fake grass, a card with her name on it and a single ring box. While she is trying to figure out what is going on, I will sneak in behind her, drop to one knee and ask her to marry me.

Shari of Massachusetts

Hats off to Easter!

My girls, ages 12 and 15, are always anxious to see what surprises are in store from the "Easter Bunny" and last year wasn't any different: I bought them tickets to the Taylor Swift concert!

The presentation of the gift came in the form of an upside down cowboy hat basket. I filled the base of the hat with plastic grass. and hid the ticket underneath. I filled the basket with sunglasses, lip gloss, and a taylor swift cd.

I also add some tradional easter favorites of peeps, gum and mandms. They loved the gift and their country night out with mom - hat and all.

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