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Themed Party Ideas

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Looking for Cinco de Mayo recipes and fun activities for Mexican fiestas? Here are the recipes and games that will spice up you Cinco de Mayo parties.

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Celebrate all things Mexico with these tasty ideas:

Here are even more ways to spice up your Cinco de Mayo celebrations:

The great thing about Cinco de Mayo: anyone can celebrate it. No matter your heritage, no occasion is too small for a Mexican style fiesta!

Put on your party sombrero, and invite all the neighbors for outdoor party games, pinata parties, tacos, and margaritas on the patio. Surprise them, with a few unexpected delights light colorful hanging paper lanterns, a make it yourself margarita bar, or a stuffed pineapple as eatable table centerpiece.

Enjoy all the pleasures of Mexico from these yummy Cinco de Mayo foods to the traditional Mexican games that are fun for kids of all ages.

Have fun and Buen Provecho!

It’s a Cinco de Mayo Party!

So you don’t have a Mexican heritage? No problem. You can still celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Invite your friends, hang some pinatas, make margaritas, and cook up some fun!

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