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Themed Party Ideas

Birthday Party Food for Grown-ups

Birthday Party Food

Cooking up Birthday Party Food for Adults

Finding the right birthday party food for adult birthdays is mostly about finding good social, stand-up food that works well for any party. But for birthday party food is unique because it celebrates your guest of honor as well as making guests feel lavashed.

You may have a grand kitchen in which getting guests involved is easy, but if you have a smaller kitchen, these interactive party food ideas can be set up in a dining or other living area and will create the same feeling as those wonderful kitchen gatherings.

Fondue Party Ideas

Get your guests involved with the food by serving up Fondue Fun! You probably have a fondue pot hidden in the back of a cabinet. If not, I bet your neighbors have one!

Party Fondue Ideas Gather a few fondue pots: one for melted cheeses, one for hot oil for frying and another for chocolate raspberry sauce.

Provide a selection of food on skewers for dipping: Fresh fruit for the chocolate raspberry sauce, breads for the melted cheeses, and meatballs for the hot oil. Good food and conversation cook up as people gather around the fondue pot!

Chocolate fountains are another way to add a little excitement to a party. Of course, strawberries and bananas are perfect for the chocolate fountain, but try small slices of sheet cake, or even sliced twinkles for an over the top treat.

Click the following link for chocolate and cheese fondue party recipes.

Cupcake Decorating Ideas

19 Count Party Cupcake Stand Each

Every good adult birthday party has cake. We suggest making a cake out of cupcakes! In this unique approach, stack non-frosted cupcakes in a pyramid shape.

Here are ideas for decorating the cupcakes for the birthday party: provide a variety toppings that guests can add themselves.

Start with vanilla and chocolate icing and supply and toppings such as M & Ms, chopped walnuts, red-hots, or whatever you can dream up. Guests will love creating their own flavor combinations!

Birthday Party Food for Grown-ups: Shop Online, Save Your Time

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